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Organizations have a compelling need to learn more than ever - be it in terms of building a strong corporate culture, enabling a second line of leadership or developing the critical thinking skills of tomorrow's workforce.
TOPSIM® simulations take learners through the pace of business planning, strategizing, and decision-making thereby enabling their transformation into better leaders and managers.
TOPSIM® is TIS' workshop-based training simulations product that models complex socio-economic/behavioral systems ranging in size from a startup company to a large corporation or even the macroeconomics of a country. A TOPSIM® training simulation can be taken online as well as offline in a facilitated classroom workshop environment.
Learners can be exposed to a range of assignments, group activities and exercises, strategy development, and breakout sessions. The simulation software is customizable, and allows facilitators/trainers to edit baseline and functional variables such as interest rates, input costs, inflation, demand and supply variables, and various other inputs that drive the simulation's complex math model.
TOPSIM® has a track record of over 1000 successful implementations. TIS' TOPSIM® portfolio is available, on a licensing basis. To know more about our bespoke solutions, click on the tabs below.

Solutions_BusinessAcumen In today's organizations, employees often find it difficult to learn new skills and transfer current knowledge across functions. Companies too feel the urgent need to spur intrapreneurship and ownership at all levels, requiring employees to demonstrate business acumen in their day-to-day decisions. Hence, it has become imperative for organizations to arm their workforce with skills and knowledge across business functions, in areas, they find particularly challenging like analyzing reports, impact of key decision making, understanding financial trade-offs , thereby paving the way for future managers.

Develop critical competencies
Business Acumen Simulation is a workshop-based training solution that models complex interactions across functions in an organization. This simulation covers the different functional areas of Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Production, Finance and HR. Participants will learn how to create long-and short-term objectives and implement them in an agile, nimble, and consistent manner in an uncertain environment.

Transform your employees to better managers and leaders
Business Acumen Simulations will enable your workforce to take the following decisions:
• Analyze the market and set strategic goals for their business
• Identify risks (Internal & external) and factor them into strategic, operational and tactical decisions
• Take decisions on capital investments, investments and divestments
• Determine production levels, subcontracting arrangements
• Undertake strategic initiatives for innovation
• Determine marketing mix (pricing, promotions, product features) to attract, retain and grow customer base and share of wallet
In short, Business Acumen training simulations takes learners through the paces of business planning, strategizing, and decision-making thereby enabling their transformation into better leaders and managers. TOPSIM® Business Acumen simulations have been deployed by leading organizations across the globe.
Solutions_LeadershipDevelopment Leading an organization today is not just about setting clear objectives for the business to grow but also about inspiring talent, anticipating change, understanding markets and their implications on the business, among others. TIS' TOPSIM® Leadership development program can help optimize the performance of your leaders by creating a context for application of key leadership behaviors and skills.

Effective leadership development
TOPSIM® simulations from TIS focusses on the entire spectrum of leadership behaviors. The engagement involves role plays, group dynamics and facilitated negotiations, thus enabling social learning and challenging participants to think critically.

Elements of leadership development simulations
Management and Leadership skills covered through the simulation include:
• Strategic management, Executing plans
• Balance strategic long-term thinking vs. short term objectives
• Prioritization
• Increase competitiveness
• Managing teams; Agile as well as Proactive Leadership

TOPSIM® simulations help:
• Focus thinking towards business models, innovation, leveraging synergies rather than on narrow functional perspectives
• Understanding the ability to successfully implement strategic plans
• Balance long- and short-term pressures and address the limits of constraints and priorities
• Manage risk and uncertainty and react to changing market dynamics
• Performance and people management
TOPSIM® simulations have been deployed by leading organizations across the globe, including Deutsche Telekom, Infineon und AMD, Karcher, Hapimag and First Calgary.
Solutions_EmployerBranding For most organizations, creating a differentiated positioning is becoming more important than ever before, especially in the minds of prospective employees. So, what does it take to position your organization as 'the' place to work for? If conventional methods of employer branding, say job interviews, trade fairs or social media are not working for you, then TOPSIM® simulations for Employer Branding is the perfect solution for you.

Differentiate your Employer Branding
Employer Branding program from TIS includes a state-of-the-art online simulation that emotionally engages the target audience in an immersive experience and helps develop the image of an organization. The simulations introduces the audience to the key functional areas, and the important decision variables that have to be considered while running a company in a sustainable manner.

The Employer Branding Program:
• Helps strengthen the Company's positioning
• Communicates functional and psychological benefits that can be offered to the target population
• Creates a compelling picture of employment
• Generates a sense of belonging among employees; evokes a feeling of pride among employees, etc

TIS also proposes to integrate multimedia elements such as videos, documents, blogs and interactive pages - thereby making it a learning experience rather than only an entertainment experience. TOPSIM® Employer Branding simulations have been deployed by leading organizations across the globe, including 3M, Pepsico, WiWo and DHL.
Solutions_StrategyImplement A classical wargaming simulation, Strategy Implementation focuses on optimizing strategy development and cascading strategy from the Glass tower to the Grassroots. TOPSIM® wargaming simulations creates a high fidelity business environment.

Translating strategies into action
TOPSIM® simulation for Strategy Implementation is ideal for implementing business challenges brought on by the globalization of markets:
• Understanding market requirements and strategy options available along with their impact on business
• Developing market entry strategies; assessing the possibility of new competitors entering the market, mergers & acquisitions of competitors, and deriving an action-oriented process to tackle such scenarios
• Deriving strategic implications and developing responses to jumps in demand, modified product characteristics or the availability of substitutes.
• Developing pricing strategies including potential reactions from competitors and customers
• Assessing capacity investments in terms of implications on the market dynamic
• Assessing and planning the market launch of new technologies

Elevate your focus
TOPSIM® simulations for Strategy Implementation covers strategic topics like market position in home market, purchasing, penetration of other markets, production, logistics, transportation, company expansion finance, strategic sales alternatives, and strategic production alternatives.The simulation presents information to the participants on cost, volume, risks, opportunities, influences from external environment, whereby they learn to interpret market situations and results, and understand the international framework for planning and acting in business.
Solutions_Compli_CSR_Ethics How often are your employees faced with moral challenges and grapple with the right way to react from among the many available options? How do you zero in on the best way to balance profitability metrics with CSR needs/expectations of your stakeholders - employees, customers, NGOs, investors, and the government?

Sustainable value creation
TOPSIM® Simulations for CSR / Compliance can help you deal with CSR-related problems in a realistic decision-making context:
• Develop stronger relationships with communities (customers, vendors, suppliers, NGOs, governments)
• Improve reputation and branding
• Generate stronger financial performance and profitability through operational efficiency gains
• Improve relations with the investment community and better access to capital
• Enhance employee relations that yield better results respecting recruitment, motivation, retention, learning and innovation, and productivity

Optimize your performance
TOPSIM® Simulation for CSR / Compliance is a workshop-based training solution that also helps you anticipate and evaluate the consequences. This simulation will raise your awareness in terms of where and how a firm can invest to develop CSR attributes (e.g. R&D, human resource management, environmental protection, health and safety, community involvement, etc.) This simulation will also help you understand Causes & Effect of CSR-related decisions pertaining to:
• Sustainability ratings
• Employee productivity
• Market share
• Customer satisfaction
• Bulk buyer decisions

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